Thursday, 7 July 2016

Kat Von D Beauty coming to the UK October 2016!

For many years Kat Von D has been a muse and a girl crush of mine and I've been impatiently waiting for what feels like forever for Kat to launch her makeup line over here. Since I first set foot in Hollywood's Sephora back in 2008 and saw all the beautiful lipsticks, too many to choose from actually which meant I left empty handed. It wasn't until 2011 when I first purchased the KVD Saint and Sinner palettes from eBay. They were my first high end eyeshadow palettes and they made me feel so special and glamourous. Kat has been my makeup muse since I first saw her on Miami Ink and later her own show L.A. Ink. Soon as I saw Kat mention on Instagram that she was travelling to London I knew the rumours must be true and I was not disappointed! I woke up early yesterday to watch the press release with Debenhams. I'm pretty happy KVD Beauty is launching in October because it's by far my favourite month and it seems really fitting. Til then I shall be busy  compiling the ultimate makeup wish list! 
Check out the press launch here:

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