Monday, 12 October 2015

Sleek MakeUP Enchanted Forest Palette.

Sleek recently launched a couple of new iDivine eyeshadow palettes and when I saw they were having a 2 for £10 offer in Boots and I just so happened to have a gift card I knew I had to pick this up. The Enchanted Forest palette is a beautiful mix of fairytale shades with the great quality I have come to expect from Sleek for such an affordable price of £7.99. I particularly like how different this palette is from most that I own and I bought it for this reason. There are a couple of shades in this palette that look a little too similar like the 2 plum shades but other colours are really unique and look very different in the pan than they do on the skin. The shade 'Grand Duke' looks like a beautiful navy in the pan but it's actually a royal purple when applied. The shade Lady Tremaine definitely needs work as you can see it hasn't watched very well but if you take care to build it up it is a really beautiful shade. My personal favourites in this palette would have to be 'Perla' and 'Happily Ever After' They are very pretty shades that make a nice change from the dark heavy shadows I usually gravitate towards.

Have you tried the Sleek Enchanted Forest Palette yet?

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