Friday, 14 August 2015

L.A.Splash Matte Liquid Lipsticks.

Liquid lipsticks seem to be my vice of late and ever since LASplash became available in the UK via Love-Makeup and Cocktail Cosmetics I just had to get my hands on some. The first ones I picked up were Ghoulish, OG Ghoulish, Latte Confession and Vampire. Priced at around £8 each (though slowly sneaking up in price) they seemed too good to be true compared to previous brands releasing liquid lipsticks, but they are better in my opinion.
I've tried out a few different liquid lipsticks now as you may have seen featured on this blog but LASplash has a far superior formula and a great range of colours and shades.

The lipsticks come in 3 different formulas: Lip Couture, Smitten LipTint Mousse and Studioshine Lip Lustre. My favourite formula is the Lip Couture as I find them very comfortable to wear and completely smudge proof. I even managed to wear Latte Confession for a whole night out and woke up the next morning to find it looking almost perfect.
As for the SmittenLipTint Mousse I unfortunately seem to be allergic to this formula which is very unfortunate because the 2 I own are probably my favourite colours.
The Studioshine Lip Lustre formula contains micro glitter particles but I find that when applied to the lips the colour looks completely matte (which I prefer.) They're all named after Disney Princesses so I picked Alice since I'm a massive fan of the game Alice: Madness Returns.
Vampire (LC) The most beautiful dark red wine without any berry tones, almost black. I can't wait to were this in Autumn with a grungey eye.
Malevolent (LC) Quite patchy and difficult to work with. Needs layering but a stunning blackberry colour. Lipliner needed with this shade.
Latte Confession (LC) The most perfect dark neutral. Extremely long lasting. My favourite formula and probably the shade I wear the most because of it's versatility.
Alice (SSLL) A gorgeous slightly muted dark pink. Very long lasting and comfortable to wear. Looks completely matte when applied.
Rose Garden (LC) A beautiful muted mid-tone pink. Easy to wear and long lasting.
Lovegood (SLTM) Stunning colour. Very 90's inspired shade. Doesn't seem to last as long as I expected probably because it made my lips so itchy but I need to give it another chance.
Charmed (SLTM) Beautiful pinky neutral. Soft mousse texture very easy to apply and comfortable to wear. I wore this to a BRMC gig and it lasted all night.
Innocent Vixen (LC) This looks quite yellow toned on me but a very nice understated colour.
Ghoulish (LC) The most gorgeous grey-toned mauve neutral. Famous for being a dupe of Lime Crime Cashmere. I do love this colour a lot though it can look quite dry on my lips I don't really mind too much.
OG Ghoulish (LC) An even greyer version of Ghoulish and a goth essential. This colour will literally make you look dead and I can't wait to wear it more because I love how it looks with my pale skin.

I really do love all the names LASplash chose for their products which makes them even more irresistible in my opinion.
I may have just ordered 3 more colours today so look out for them on a future post.

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  1. These swatches are amazing! Thank you!