Saturday, 18 April 2015

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs - Beauty from the Crypt.

I had been wanting to try out LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs makeup for a while now ever seeing their products mentioned on BiohazardousBeauty's YouTube Channel about a year or so ago and was delighted when I found a UK stockist Cute Cosmetics. I decided to purchase the Beauty from the Crypt palette as I was drawn to the jewel tones and thought the shadows looked very unique and unlike shadows I already own. The reddish colours reminded me of much brighter versions of my favourite shadows from Urban Decay's Vice 3.
I highly recommend trying some of their products out if you like bright, highly pigmented unique colours.  The two purple shades in this palette may look very similar in the pans but they are actually very different. The colour on the far left is my favourite and looks like a cornflower blue in some lighting, very unique. I also really like the mint green shade, it is sometimes hard to find pastel colours with such strong pigmentation and this one does not disappoint.
The shadows are quite power and loose but the fallout doesn't bother me as it is to be expected with highly pigmented shadows. They come with pressers to keep them in their pans safely.
Swatched without primer L-R: Enchanting Elvira, Vampira, Lustful Lily, Bloody Mary and Magical Morticia.

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