Saturday, 10 January 2015

Illamasqua Winter sale buys.

Illamasqua is well known for it's amazing sales which usually happen in summer and just after christmas. I bought quite a few things in last year's winter sale as I was just getting into Illamasqua but this year I had no intention on picking anything up as I knew the few products I was desperate to try out would not be discounted. That was until I saw a review of the Multi Facets 'Aura' palette which I had previously overlooked not realising it contained the products I was wanting to try. Those products being cream pigment in 'Hollow' and Gleam highlighter in 'Aurora' which are supposedly staples for pale skin. With 50% off in the sale I knew I had to pick this up.
I thought I might as well try out a lipliner and I decided to pick one out that would go with my new bright orange Kiko lipstick so I chose this one in the colour 'Spell' which is a vibrant pillar box red, slightly darker than my kiko lipstick but I think they will go well together.

Did you buy anything in the Illamasqua sale?

Multi facet palette in 'Aura' £45  £22.50

Lip colouring pencil in 'Spell' £15  £7.50

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