Saturday, 17 January 2015

Eyeko | BLACK Magic.

Before Christmas I had a few extra BirchBox points to spend in their store which has some great brand I wanted to try out. As well as picking up Stila 'In the know' palette I decided to get this mascara by Eyeko which is appropriately named 'Black Magic'.
I was busy using up my Model Co. Power Lash mascara which I really liked so I've only just gotten around to trying this one out.

I really like this mascara. I don't find it to be clumpy or difficult to work with. I also like how it looks almost matte black upon application, as some mascaras can be very wet looking and just not black enough for my liking. The curved brush really helps get right into the roots of the lashes and also right into the corners that are sometimes hard to reach with straight mascara wands.

This mascara also comes with an Eyeko smudge shield, which is literally a guitar pick which you are supposed to hold behind the lashes while you apply the mascara to prevent smudging.

Please excuse my dry skin, this cold weather is not kind to my face. As you can see my eyelashes are very blonde and barely visible. This is the result after two coats of mascara. I could possibly build it up more but I didn't want to go overboard for the sake of this post and make a mess. I did not use the smudge shield as I find it a bit faffy and I'd rather just clean up any mistakes afterwards. I will however be putting it to good use as what it really is - a guitar pick!

On a side note, The palmistry hand in the photos was lent to me by my sister. She bought it in a gift shop in Whitby a few years ago but it is now available from Urban Outfitters.

And now I will leave you with a song which always gets stuck in my head: Magic Wands - Black Magic.
p.s. Today is my 26th Birthday!

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