Saturday, 17 January 2015

Eyeko | BLACK Magic.

Before Christmas I had a few extra BirchBox points to spend in their store which has some great brand I wanted to try out. As well as picking up Stila 'In the know' palette I decided to get this mascara by Eyeko which is appropriately named 'Black Magic'.
I was busy using up my Model Co. Power Lash mascara which I really liked so I've only just gotten around to trying this one out.

I really like this mascara. I don't find it to be clumpy or difficult to work with. I also like how it looks almost matte black upon application, as some mascaras can be very wet looking and just not black enough for my liking. The curved brush really helps get right into the roots of the lashes and also right into the corners that are sometimes hard to reach with straight mascara wands.

This mascara also comes with an Eyeko smudge shield, which is literally a guitar pick which you are supposed to hold behind the lashes while you apply the mascara to prevent smudging.

Please excuse my dry skin, this cold weather is not kind to my face. As you can see my eyelashes are very blonde and barely visible. This is the result after two coats of mascara. I could possibly build it up more but I didn't want to go overboard for the sake of this post and make a mess. I did not use the smudge shield as I find it a bit faffy and I'd rather just clean up any mistakes afterwards. I will however be putting it to good use as what it really is - a guitar pick!

On a side note, The palmistry hand in the photos was lent to me by my sister. She bought it in a gift shop in Whitby a few years ago but it is now available from Urban Outfitters.

And now I will leave you with a song which always gets stuck in my head: Magic Wands - Black Magic.
p.s. Today is my 26th Birthday!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

BIRCHBOX UK January 2015

The past two BirchBoxes November and December were brilliant. I loved pretty much everything I received in them and the sample sizes were very generous and I am still using and enjoying the products, but this month sadly just didn't impress me.

The sample sizes this month seem very small. I got my box in the post this morning and have already managed to use 3 products up and I really didn't like them.

This month's box is in collaboration with Women's Health which is a magazine I have never read and have no intention in ever reading, I'm not into fitness and although this year I would like to improve my fitness and lose some weight this box which includes a Pilates band really doesn't inspire me much at all.

The product I was most excited to receive this month was the Stila Lip Glaze. I quite like the colour I was given but I think the packaging is very ugly and I'm not really a lipgloss wearer anyway since it's always windy in Leeds and theres nothing quite as annoying as getting your hair all stuck to your lips.
I've been wearing the Stila Lip Glaze for a few hours (indoors) and it feels quite comfortable I would like to try more things from this brand.

I've heard Ren products mentioned a lot so I was eager to try out the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask. The mask had a honey-like texture and colour and smelled like lollipops which I thought was very different to any face mask I'd ever tried before. While it was on I could feel my face tingling but after washing it off 10 minutes later my face was very sore and dry. As I suffer from eczema I know that not many skincare products work for me and I think this is one of those cases. I had to use a lot of moisturiser afterwards to calm my face down. I think that this product would work very well for somebody without a sensitive face and I am disappointed that it didn't work for me.

Overall I think this month's box just isn't very 'me' but I will use all of the products and hope for more makeup in February's box.

What did you get in your box this month?

BirchBox UK is a £10 a month subscription box. (+postage)

Monday, 12 January 2015


How stunning is this makeup by Pat McGrath for Roberto Cavalli A/W 2012/13? The colours are stunning and reminiscent of oil slick. I'd love to try this look out. Tomorrow I have another style collage inspired by oil slick/holographic colours featuring my new Dr Marten Pascal boots that my boyfriend has so kindly bought my for my birthday which is on Saturday.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Illamasqua Winter sale buys.

Illamasqua is well known for it's amazing sales which usually happen in summer and just after christmas. I bought quite a few things in last year's winter sale as I was just getting into Illamasqua but this year I had no intention on picking anything up as I knew the few products I was desperate to try out would not be discounted. That was until I saw a review of the Multi Facets 'Aura' palette which I had previously overlooked not realising it contained the products I was wanting to try. Those products being cream pigment in 'Hollow' and Gleam highlighter in 'Aurora' which are supposedly staples for pale skin. With 50% off in the sale I knew I had to pick this up.
I thought I might as well try out a lipliner and I decided to pick one out that would go with my new bright orange Kiko lipstick so I chose this one in the colour 'Spell' which is a vibrant pillar box red, slightly darker than my kiko lipstick but I think they will go well together.

Did you buy anything in the Illamasqua sale?

Multi facet palette in 'Aura' £45  £22.50

Lip colouring pencil in 'Spell' £15  £7.50

Style Collage #7

Thursday, 8 January 2015


When a KIKO store popped up in Leeds last summer I was really intrigued to try out some of their products. I walk past the shop on my way into town or to college almost every day and gaze into the window at the beautiful displays. Finally on Black Friday weekend my boyfriend suggested we go in so he could buy me some christmas presents. I had spotted my favourite MUA/Blogger Linda Hallberg wearing the KIKO luscious cream lipstick in the colour 'Taupe' and I thought it was such a beautiful and unique colour, similar to Lime Crime's 'Chinchilla' that I already own and love.
I knew I wanted to pick up the taupe lipstick but another lipstick also caught my eye: Velvet Mat Lipstick in 'Bright Orange'
I don't care if pale girls aren't supposed to wear orange lipsticks I love them, my all time favourite being Rimmel's 'Coral Queen'

The packaging on this lipstick is very fancy, you actually pop out the lipsticks. I also think the packaging looks very luxurious and high-end but these lipsticks are actually very reasonably priced at  £6.90 each, and much less in the Black Friday sale!

KIKO has an amazing range of makeup and skincare and I can't wait to try out some more things from them. Since my birthday is next week I may need to go for another visit.
Swatches: 604 Bright Orange (left) 524 Taupe

Taupe Lip Swatch