Thursday, 17 July 2014

SauceBox Cosmetics Étude Palette Review & Swatches.

I am always interested in discovering new indie makeup brands especially ones that are cruelty free, I stumbled upon SauceBox Cosmetics whilst watching a YouTube makeup tutorial from BATALASH BEAUTY that featured the Étude palette and I instantly knew that I needed this palette in my life.
I am quite surprised that I hadn't heard of SauceBox cosmetics prior to seeing the video as the company has been around since 2010, founded by a mother and daughter with a passion for makeup and a goal to produce high quality makeup without the high price. The Étude palette is $50 which came to around £30. (There were shipping costs and a customs charge but I can't remember how much.) I think that is incredibly good value considering that each shadow is 4 grams of product which is huge compared to MAC shadows. It only took me about five minutes after watching it featured on Batalash to place an order. The thought of it going out of stock was not something I was willing to risk.
 The packaging and design of the Étude palette is a work of art in itself. I love the illustration of the girl. She also appears in SauceBox's other palettes feasting a different hair colour for each palette which I think is a very nice touch. I love when a lot of thought goes into a company's branding.
The Étude palette is described as 'Your ultimate matte neutral palette. Packing fantastic pigmentation, it is perfectly color coordinated to take your day look to night. Colors can be used for contour and eyebrows. This palette will take over your kit!' 
 Here are the beautiful colours in the pans. I was sold on this palette as soon as I saw the deep reddish brown shade 'biscotti' All the shades are stunning and I knew it would work so well with the rest of makeup as I have been needing some good neutral matte shadows, I find matte makeup palettes with decent pigmentation so hard to come by, at least in the UK.
Here are the colours swatched on my arm. I used my fingers to swatch the colours with 2 swipes each. The shades are all very pigmented and you would obviously get a much stronger effect if using over a primer, I am not however a big fan on using primers on my eyes. I think that the colour 'Caramel' is the best quality eyeshadow, it is so creamy and easy to work with, at first I thought this wouldn't be a favourite of mine since the colour didn't look so eye-catching in the pan but as soon as I used it I fell in love. When I use these eyeshadows on my eyes I find that a little goes a long way and considering how much product you get I think this palette will last me a very long time. Overall brilliant value for money and the Étude palette is already a firm favourite in my humble makeup collection.

The Étude palette is currently sold your but you can sign up to be notified when it's back in stock here.

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