Wednesday, 16 April 2014

LIME CRIME Chinchilla

Too Faced Lip Insurance

Today I finally tried out my new lipstick from Lime Crime and I really love it. First of all it smells absolutely divine and the colour is so interesting. A very muted grey/lavender colour that I never thought I would dare to wear. I've heard that these opaque lipsticks can be quite drying so I applied it over my Too Faced Lip Insurance and it went on very nicely.
I personally think Chinchilla is a beautiful shade and a very long wearing lipstick. I would highly recommend this lipstick to anyone wanting to try this and I can't wait to get my hands on more Lime Crime products.
You can purchase if from the official Lime Crime website here:

Since I live in the UK I bought mine from Love Makeup:

What do you think of this shade and other Lime Crime products?


  1. I've been eyeing Chinchilla for ages, I'm on a spending ban for IMATs London, so I'm hoping to pick it up then. It looks lovely on you though! And neutral enough to not look too odd.

    1. You should it will look lovely on you. I'm pretty obsessed with it. Still trying to gather the courage to wear it out of the house :)

    2. I think you can get away with it, as I said, it's not too outlandish and looks rather neutral :)