Friday, 21 February 2014

Pretty Pastels

Lately I have been rediscovering my love for pastel colours, I have always had a thing for baby pink and I have my room painted baby pink at my parents house. I had been eying up this cute bobble hat on the KILLSTAR website and my lovely boyfriend bought me it from Pulp in Leeds the other day. It says CREEP on one side and FREAK on the other so you can wear it either way.  I also used my 20% Illamasqua Valentines discount on this pretty lilac eyeshadow which is also named Creep!

You can find everything pictured in the following links:

Thanks SoundCloud!

SoundCloud celebrated their 5th birthday at the end of last year and to celebrate they ran a competition to win a SoundCloud pro account. I entered as many times as possible as I was really wanting a Pro account sooner or later as my music library is growing and I need to expand.
I was super excited to find out that I had won. My pro account is so useful it gives me a more insightful overview of who is listening to my music and where my listeners are located over the globe.
I received my T-shirt bundle in the post the other day and I love how personal the package was down to the musically decorated tape used on the box. I love SoundCloud as a company, they really care about their users and I have discovered so much music on their site. Please visit my SoundCloud page.

Monday, 17 February 2014


Chelsea Wolfe @ Divan du Monde. Paris, 2013.


Daria Werbowy by Mikael Jansson for The Last Magazine Spring/Summer 2014
Image found on Tumblr

Friday, 14 February 2014

Liv + Boost

 So as you may have noticed I have been going a little crazy for Illamasqua at the moment, I just can't get enough so when I spied this ASOS exclusive Lip duo in their sale for only £11 I had no choice.
Included in this set is Lipstick in Liv which is a pastel candy pink shade and Intense Lipgloss in Boost which is a pale pink with a very strong blue undertone which transforms and lip colour you apply it over.
Liv Lipstick
Liv lipstick with Boost Lipgloss over the top.
I really love this shade, though it does enhance my coke-stained teeth I will just have to keep my lips closed when I wear it.
As I am writing this it is Valentines day which means I received a 20% off code and yes I have made another Illamasqua order.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Sleek Makeup: Garden of Eden palette & Contour Kit.

Garden of Eden is the latest in Sleek Makeup's i-Divine palette range. I currently own one other i-Divine palette in Au Naturel and I loved it so much I wanted to try out another. When I saw this latest Garden of Eden palette I fell in love with the colours, a range of greens and dark pinky hues unlike anything I already own so I couldn't resist giving it a try.

I was lucky enough to receive the limited edition Python packaging, which I will be cutting up and using as a bookmark which is what I do with perfume packaging that I like and don't want to throw away.
I ordered mine from Superdrug's website because I wanted to get some points on my Beauty card and I know a few people who ordered directly from Sleek's website have been disappointed to miss out on the limited packaging.

I think all the shades are stunning and I love the names but I do have a slight problem with the names Flora and Fauna, I think they should be swapped. (I tend to get annoyed at petty things)

So while I was purchasing the palette I thought I'd also pick up the Sleek Contour kit as I have heard lots of good things about it and my chubby winter face is in desperate need to some chiselling.

I highly recommend Sleek Makeup if you want good quality and low prices, the i-Divine palettes are ridiculously cheap at £7.99 each! Such a beautiful range of highly pigmented colours you can't really go wrong.