Sunday, 26 January 2014

LUSH: Skincare Experiment

I've hit desperation level with my eczema in the past week. I've been trying everything to calm it down but nothing seems to be working. The winter weather is so unkind to my sensitive skin, no matter how much I moisturise I am still sore and flaky. My sister got me some LUSH dream cream for Christmas and it seemed to work quite well on my eczema so I decided to repurchase it and also try out a couple more of their products.
I ended up spending a lot more than I was hoping to (just under £30 on three small items!) But if they work for me I am sure they will be worth the price.
The Celestial cream appealed to me as I loved the name and it claimed to calm down the skin which is something I really need. I have tried the Celestial cream twice already and the results have been pretty good but it did seem to sting and irritate my face slightly leaving red blotchy patches.
My lips have also been very sore in this cold weather and I have been trying various lip balms without much success so I decided to try out LUSH's Honey Trap. The formula is strange at first, it feels like a waxy paste but it melts onto the lips and feels very luxurious. I had to stop myself from eating it. I felt that it was a bit over priced considering it comes in such a tiny tin. It will be interesting to see how well these products work for me and how long they last.

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