Friday, 29 November 2013

How to dress like a Black Rebel.

Obesity & Speed destroyed T and Courtshop leather panel jeans from

Vintage-look Chelsea Boots from

Leather 'Cargo' jacket from

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are not only one of my favourite bands but also style icons of mine. I am sure they don't intend to be style icons but they are effortlessly cool and so I put together this BRMC inspired outfit including my favourite All Saints jacket. I saw the boots on Urban Outfitters the other day and was so disappointed that they only go up to size 7. (I am size 9 and luckily prefer mens shoes most of the time) When I saw the T shirt and jeans on I instantly thought of BRMC's drummer Leah Shapiro. I was very tempted to purchase the jeans, maybe one day.

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